The brief: "We want a new packaging design for our cosmetics brand Radiant, in order to use in relation to professionals." 

The design: We developed this packaging identity taking into consideration a quite specific selling context: the products are presented by brand representatives to cosmetics professionals and no other public display system intervenes. We thus opted for a suggestive design that favors symbols and narratives, that opens dialogue and supports the gradual unpacking of the brand’s advantages. The front part of a dark gray-colored paper-package bears no logo or brand name, but carries elegant visuals that act like gestures and correspond to the various products: eye-liner, crayons, brow and eye definers, rouge and make-up, tone corrector primers Various flowing lines and abstracted shapes build a common language for beauty and its everyday tools. On the back of each package a text further explains, informs and illuminates. This packaging approach responds to the art discovery and the pleasure of storytelling. 

liquid foundation_range