climbing vine


The briefing: "We need a good packaging for our two new types of wine, a Sauvignon Blanc and a Merlot"

The target consumer: International market

The design: Designing for wine packaging is probably one of the most difficult tasks in the field as the market is product-crowded, ever expanding and highly competitive. We opted for the rather unusual choice of a non-transparent, white bottle which would favor the stark simple black design of vine growth. We were inspired by the elegant geometry of the long lines of grape vines as they unfold and stretch within the actual vineyards. We transferred this image on the wine packaging while taking into consideration the look it will have on any market shelf. By providing for a continuous design that links the bottles in space we attempt to conjure the very image of those vineyards in their natural habitats and salute the beauty and wisdom of the age-old design of grape cultivation. We differentiated the white and red wine varieties by coloring the bottle corks accordingly.

Hatzimichalis_white wine

red dry wine

white wine_ front & back

red wine_ front & back