Our client introduced ice tea within the market of Saudi Arabia – a cultural context where hot tea has been the undisputed beverage canon for ages. 

We were asked to create a packaging that would link the tradition of tea-drinking to the innovation of this new cool alternative. We aimed for a glass bottle with a vaguely body-shaped form and designed a sleeve that ‘captures’ both temperatures: icy-white and golden-warm. Photorealistic images of fruits (lemon, peach, raspberry) link these two areas and denote the variety of tea flavors. The brand logo – ZOI ICE TEA – is treated as a game of balance between the brand name (ZOI) and the name of the product itself (ICE TEA). The whole packaging design has approached the matter of change in taste habits as a careful ritual of familiarization.  

lemon ice tea_front

lemon ice tea_front & back

peach_ice tea

raspberry_ice tea

Zoi ice tea_the range