fig package_01


The briefing: "Our dried figs are harvested and prepared after the best local traditions. We need a packaging design that will convey this quality and translate it to an international look."

The target consumer: Consumers of all ages.

The design: Figs are described in ancient Greek literature by the likes of Homer, Plutarch, and Theophrastus. They are celebrated in Greek folk songs along with local fauna and flora. We talked a lot with our client on this background and researched the images related to it at the area of their provenance (Laconian Molai) and beyond. We used a well known Greek proverb that describes magpie love for figs and transcribed the motifs of precious household fabrics to a geometric, heraldic pattern. We were so inspired by the exercise that we created two packaging variations: the first includes the cut out of a fig leaf that moves in a playful reference to the legendary role of concealment that the plant had in humanity's originary past.

fig package_01, front

fig package_02, front

fig package_02, back side

fig package_02, front and side

fig package_02, detail