mousegraphics_No 1 in World top 20 league

Since 2007, Pentawards has been recognising global excellence in packaging design through its annual competition. In just 16 years the competition has received in excess of 30,000 entries from over 95 countries, with winners making their mark on the global packaging stage. 

Platinum awards

Petrocoll 2009_other markets

Beatific 2014_body

Bic 2016_body

Gold awards

Hatziyiannakis 2012_food

Kefalonia 2012_food

Feldthusen 2014_food

Duo 2015_body

Vegetera 2015-food

Aplos 2015_food

Plan n 2016_beverages

Assam 2016_beverages

Gaea 2017_food

Enzyme drink 2017_beverages

Flyte 2018_beverages

Gaea snack 2018_food

Loulis 2018_food

Asarai 2018_body

Yili 2019_beverages

Seventeen 2021_body

Lfc 2021_helth & Beauty

Iliada 2021_food

Silver awards

Agrovim 2009_food

Mez 2009-food

Bruken 2011_other markets

Anathima 2011_luxury

Etesian gold 2012_luxury

Harmonian 2014-food

Thalasios kosmos 2014_food

Nongfu spring 2014_beverages

Gaea 2015_luxury

Gaea snack 2015_food

Lento 2016_beverages

Moo 2017_food

Nongfu spring 2017_beverages

Volvic 2018_beverages


Mousegraphics 2018_other markets

Vitamin water 2018_beverages

Duo 2 in 1_ 2020_body

Smor 2020_food

Olive art 2021_food

Oikos 2021_food

I system 2023_professional concepts

Cutthroat 2023-beverages

Bronze awards

Barbastahis 2009_food

Walk 2010_body

Sugarillos 2010_food

Mighty rice 2013_luxury

Food cross 2015_food

Soligea 2015_food

Lac blanc 2016_other markets

Happy water 2016_beverages

Aha 2016_beverages

Longevity 2017_food

Aha 2017_beverages

Moo 2020_beverages

Provamel 2020_food

Lorvenn 2023_body