flavored water, grape

Nongfu Spring_China

The briefing: "We need a packaging idea for flavored water."

The target consumer: Diverse age market, all sexes.

The design: Our design approach had the intention to show in a pretty straightforward way the fruit flavoring of the water. By creating the optical illusion of a floating fruit we convey the idea in an honest and direct way. The iconography of the 4 fruits - grape, pomelo, lychee and lemon - is such that it produces the very natural effect of a fresh fruit slice dipped in water; an impression enhanced by the light coloring of the water. Lettering is kept to the one side of the container so that the other offers the clear view of the free floating fruit.

grape, front & back

pomelo, front & back

lychee, front & back

lemon, front & back

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