moon phases

the logo

The brief: "We are launching a new brand of cannabis, for recreational and medicinal use, and we want the packaging and related identity”

The design: We focused our packaging research on the conceptual area defined by the product’s name: ‘MoonWalker’. We developed an approach that extends the perception of the brand’s logo to the overall packaging design: We created a container in the shape of a full moon for the cannabis flower, and placed a human figure walking on its circumference so that the whole packaging area is experienced as a ‘moon on the move’. The same curves, as activated by the moon-walker, are printed on the small drop bottle for the cannabis oil. Clear and distinct symbols offer information on the specific compounds (THC, CBD, NtWt) in percentages. The two cannabis strains are distinguished as ‘sides’ of the moon: The Indica one is associated with a mostly black surface as it helps sleep, relaxation and pain relief, while the Sativa is largely white as it relates to euphoria, energy and daytime alertness. (Concept design: Giorgos Boulgarakis)

the product