moo yogurt, 4%

Moo_ Brazil

The briefing: "We launch a new type of cow-milk based yogurt and we would like a strong identity and related packaging for the whole range of our dairy products."

The target consumer: Consumers of all ages and backgrounds within the Brazilian market.

The design: Our client asked to be differentiated within a highly competitive industry and gave us a name which acted as a springboard of inspiration for us. 'MOO' logo was designed after a biomorphic principle that makes it quite memorable as it playfully recalls a plump, productive cow form or the soft and creamy yogurt body. The three letters comprising the logo-typed name serve as a generous surface-base of creative alternatives so that flavors and mixes are easily marked and distinguished in blue, green, orange, ochre and pink spots. The fine lines of the additional illustration (fat and thin cows, honey jars, plants and fruits) cooperate in creative antithesis. The lid of the containers are color-coded with just one defining spot in the middle as a reminder of the key letter 'o'.

moo yogurt, 4% & 2%

moo yogurt, strawberry & orange - ginger

the range

illustrations Ryn Frank