Hair color products usually share stylized packaging approaches that illustrate the use of hair dyes through rather mundane portrait photos of human models and locks of hair. 

Our client wished for a creative relaunching of its series of extreme, fluorescent dyes.

We opted for an approach that relates more to our contemporary, visually overcharged, digitally manipulated, color saturated, identity shifting realities. 

We commissioned and photographed a number of inventively styled hair pieces that convey the fun of color change without grounding it to a specific facial, racial, gender, age, natural or cultural characteristic. 

We made these wildly dyed, wavy wigs central to the packaging surface as a joyful invite to everyone and anyone who would like to engage with the free game of hair coloring, character playing, metamorphosis and desire. 

Ηair Styling: Stafanos Vasilakis

Photography: Studio Vrettos

Concept: Kira Tsaknaki