gherkin snack


The briefing: "We have developed a line of vegan snacks and we would like a packaging that will introduce the products to the public."

The target consumer: Greek and international market

The design: The market for vegan products is on the rise for a few years already and, according to our research, has been largely dominated by a packaging design that uses images of fresh food in an effort to tempt new consumers with ideas of naturalness. We opted for a diametrically different solution. Our client’s vegetable snacks are natural, healthy, gluten free, low calorie, liquid free and prepared with the best possible ingredients. We decided to use pure design in order to create a visual statement out of these bare facts. Each vegetable (carrot, gherkin, cauliflower) has been designed like an emblem on an area of two strong color zones. All product information is clearly and directly stated on the front. This packaging borrows some of its principles from flag design as it applies to a fast-growing transnational tribe of food aficionados.

cauliflower snack

carrot snack

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