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The briefing: "We have developed a new nature - empowered energy drink, an environmentally conscious product that we would like to market accordingly"

The target consumer: The international market of young and middle age consumers of all sexes.

The design: We were greatly inspired by the eco dynamism of this new product, its commitment to truly natural ingredients and planet-protective practices. We designed the logo as an open structure of power lines generating the brand name·Flyte alludes to gravity-free movement and the force of levitation. We also decided to adopt the image of the humming bird as a key brand characteristic.We made a graphic emblem out of this tiny nectarivore with the wondrous energy and strength, the uniquely high metabolism and the uncanny ability to adapt to stimuli, to hover, fly and dive in speeds disproportionate to its size and fragile looks. The buzz of the drink visualizes into the hum of the bird as the design captures the actual vibe of its moving wings.

Image and logo dominate the most part of the opaque packaging front while the lower bottle is left transparent. The color of the flavored drink (orange for wild rhubarb, yellow for orchard citrus, purple for kola and green for mango) is matched by the respectively colored birds. The back of the packaging offers all useful information in short sentences accentuated by clean and dynamic infographics in the same colors. The phrase ‘powered by’, that links natural ingredients (green coffee, Maca, Griffonia, Schizandra) to specific benefits (caffeine, focus, alertness, vitality), is joined by a smaller hummingbird on the back of the bottle. This is a quirky reminder and the lasting promise of the utterly pure and natural energy source captured in this power dressed container. 

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