Aromatologic, #1 illustration by Xenia Spyrou


The briefing: "We introduce in Greece and abroad a new line of cosmetics based on components extracted from the legendary area of the Dead Sea. We start with a line of unique perfume oils. We want the logo and the whole identity design for our project"

The target consumer: Sophisticated women and men who care for the provenance and materials of beauty products while also appreciating design and packaging care.

The design: We worked with our client to build the brand image and product story, starting from the given brand name (Aromatologic) and the high-value provenance of the products. Aromatologic project is conceived as one that studies the most primal of senses, Smell, and traces the archetypal but personal 'logic of the aromas' in ancient philosophy, the science of numbers and the field of personal memories. Thanks to their pure oil basis, these aromas can blend with each body smell, and create a long lasting, unique, aromatic experience. Based on this, we developed a quite iconic logo as the metamorphosis of a vital and precious perfume (or essence) drop to letter A and vice versa. As the Aromatologic project is also a naming game, where the experience and memory of fragrances is suggested by numbers rather than described by words, we devised a similar and quite original packaging design process: Every scent, corresponds to a number and every number has its own distinct image created by a different artist. We commissioned graphic designers in Greece and abroad to imagine and design the different packages making this the first 'collective packaging design project'. If 'scent counts' (as the brand tag line claims), we aimed for 'power in numbers' as well. This sense of something unique but also available to all, guided our choice of a book-like case for each of the aromas.

Aromatologic, #2 illustration by Designers United, Dimitris Papazoglou

Aromatologic, #13 illustration by mousegraphics. Futuracha font by

Aromatologic, #8 illustration by mousegraphics

Aromatologic, #15 illustration by mousegraphics

Aromatologic, #12 Designers United, Dimitris Papazoglou

Aromatologic, #3 illustration by Si Scott

Aromatologic, #7 Designers United, Dimitris Papazoglou

Aromatologic, oil perfumes #1-#8

Aromatologic, oil perfumes #9-#15