Plan-N, almond


The briefing: "We launch a new drink as a blend of nuts, cereals and fruits. We need the kind of packaging design that will introduce it as a healthy drink with important, natural ingredients."

The target consumer: Young and middle aged hard working individuals of both sexes.

The design: Our client requested a logo and image synthesis that would capture the consumers' attention as something honestly natural and health beneficial. We opted for thin lines and an overall sense of lightness, anti-stress effect and euphoria: elegant, elongated typography was matched by the simple outlining of domestic containers (jars and kitchen utensils too) where fruits and cereals are shown whole and ready to be blended. Corn, cranberries, pumpkin, bananas, oat, pineapple, coconut, almonds and yam are portrayed through such transparency with careful iconography and simple combinations so that the 'no added chemicals' value can be impressed to the viewer. Containers are colored only at their opening end, in translucent mild hues so that flavors are differentiated in a luxury-meets-health manner.

Plan-N, pumpkin, yum, corn

Plan-N, durian, albumen

Plan-N, coconut, pineapple, oat

Plan-N range