Lento RTD coffee, latte & macchiato


The briefing: "We need to revisit our packaging design for bottled coffee, applying the name Lento and conveying the leisurely character of Italian coffee drinking."

The target consumer: Mostly young consumers in China but also wider audiences worldwide

The design: We retained the Italian coffee maker container which references the legendary Bialleti pot and we worked on creating a new logo and the respective packaging application. The 'Lento' word is morphed through creative typography : carefully adding visual elements to each Latin letter we make the sum a new and original image, which pays respect to Chinese logograms and their wealth of symbolism. We cleared the container surface and stressed the use of silver color as in the original Italian design pot. The Lento logo is capturing full attention spread as it is on the bottle front while small coffee drops suggest a delicious splash of the thick and rich espresso coffee essence as well as the slow time of its savouring. Macchiato and Latte variants are distinguished by the milky white surface of the latter. Containers were designed especially for the 'drip coffee' and 'coffee beans' categories, following the same principles.

Lento RTD coffee, macchiato

Lento RTD coffee, latte

Lento range

Lento coffee, poster