premium olive oil


The briefing: "We want the right packaging for our oil of specific provenance."

The target consumer: Consumers who value the origin of foods.

The design: Our client named his product 'Soligea', after the specific place of provenance, found between the ancient sites of Corinth and Epidaurus in Peloponnese. World famous since antiquity for its aromatic pinelands, this area nurtures fine olive fruits. We let it define packaging design. We chose an unusual bottle, dressed it in elegant, total, non-transparent white and on this surface laid the topography of the exact area by drawing its hypsometric curves. This kind of 'mapping' of the product avoids all trivial iconography of provenance, creating the fine print of a specific morphology, suggesting the secret location in a gourmet treasure hunt.

Soligea, premium olive oil

Soligea, detail

Soligea, detail

Soligea, premium and classic olive oil