Ron Finley project


Ron Finley project

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Ron Finley is a creative phenomenon: a gangsta horticulturalist, with a strong vision for community gardening and the eventual creation of "a school of nourishment and change". Also an idiosyncratic collector and fashion designer, based in L.A., with an audience that reaches from film and sport celebrities to environment activists and health conscious consumers within and beyond USA. He asked us to create a logo, to give a strong image to his creative activities, in a quirky way which would allow for all kinds of applications and further development. We noticed that Ron Finley speaks a language of his own, using all kinds of new aphorisms and smart slogans which capture the spirit of the times and summarize its demands. We decided it would be nice if he actually had a font of his own for this language. So instead of creating a logo we created an alphabet that speaks "Ron Finley" whatever it writes and says. Hand drawn, the letters are made as urban-floral cut-outs incorporating the radical, smart, ecofriendly, collective spirit of the Ron Finley projects: Tools, hand signs, pieces of the city and its people, slices of a changing hybrid reality are the essence and the form of this speech. We also made a series of poster - like applications for web and print use, for day and night- glow surprises, always using the Ron Finley font; probably thus setting the visual grounds for 'a Ron Finley dictionary of gangsta gardening'.

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Ron Finley font


Poster GANGSTA, we gotta flip the script on what a gangsta is: “If you ain’t a Gardener you ain’t a Gangsta”