My olive tree bottle

My olive tree

The briefing: "we have been producing olive oil for many years, growing trees in our family"s homeland in the Peloponnese. We now want to bottle it, mainly as a present for friends and family."

The target consumer: foreign clientele. People who can appreciate product provenance and family care.

The design: it is very rare for a client to come to us with the simple request of 'creating a family gift' and this is exactly what happened in this case. We were asked to create a product identity - naming and packaging design of a product - which was meant to address first of all the members of a Greek family of olive oil producers in Karpofora, Messinia. We had to pay tribute to a strong, living tradition and this is exactly what we did. We used a children's drawing that conveys in the most direct way a lineage in the form of a tree and we placed every family member's name on its branches. We named the product, 'My olive tree' because this is exactly what it is: the precious olive tree which, identified with one family tree symbolizes the bonds, efforts and legacy of this one family and is offered to a number of other such families around the world, in the form of an 'olive oil' present.

My olive tree box

My olive tree box detail

My olive tree Kalamata olives

My olive tree Kalamata olive paste