Aplos, yogurt


The briefing: "Our Greek enterprise, based at the island of Rodos would like to launch a series of dairy products. We would like the name and identity design which will convey the locality, basic values and earnest approach we favor."

The target consumer: The Greek market.

The design: We translated the brief directly and precisely. For brand name we suggested the word which was most frequently used during our meetings with the client: Απλώς (=simply). It is also a word used everyday and by everyone for all kinds of reasons. Thus, as a brand name it will be casually repeated and naturally imprinted on client memory. The name is logotyped so that it conveys what it says, in a handwriting-like and easily read form. All other imaging is kept to the minimum. A cow or fruit silhouette and the outmost essential colors are used depending on product type.

Aplos, yogurt 2%

Aplos, yogurt 950g

Aplos, yogurt 950g x 2

Aplos, strawberry yogurt

Aplos, peach yogurt

Aplos, milk